Lakeland Model 648

Heavy Duty Ratchet Tube Bender



3/8″- 3″ Capability
• Can bend virtually all common sizes.
Dual Drive Mechanism
• Dual ratchet drives allows selection of high torque or high-speed bending.
• 30:1 drive ratio for heavy-wall tubing fabrication.
• 8:1 drive ratio for light tubing / higher speed fabrication.
Bi-Directional Bending
• Release-buttons on levers allows quick changeover for right or left-hand bends.
• Can make opposite direction or “s” type bends.
Quick Clamp Engagement
• Standard clamp and slide block arms use half-turn nut to quickly engage and disengage tooling.
Radius Block Variety

• Meet virtually any bend radius specification.
• Optional “Flare-End” block allows bend adjacent to flare.
• Custom tooling available for metric tubing, rigid conduit and I.P.S. pipe sizes.

Combination Slide & Clamp Blocks

• Only five blocks cover entire standard size range. .
• Reduces tooling costs.

Mandrel Capability • Easily converted to bend thin wall tube with use of optional mandrels.

sm648 B & W Line Drawing

P/N 7-248-1 (Shown with Available Tooling)
• 3/8 ” – 3″ O.D. Tube
• 6 mm – 76 mm O.D. Metric Tube
• 1/8″ – 2-1/4 ” Iron Pipe (I.P.S.)
• Weight: 390 Ibs.

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