Bright Solutions Hydraulic Oil Leak Detection Kit

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Kit includes Stay-Brite® Multi-Purpose 4-In-1 Dye Concentrate that when added to any hydraulic oil system will detect even the smallest of leaks by
use of a bright UV light and safety goggles (also included). The dye is added to the oil; once the system is running it mixes into a non-settling solution. Stays effective and in solution until the next maintenance cycle oil change. The maintenance technician can quickly scan the hydraulic circuit with the
UV light – even small leaks glow a bright yellow and are visible in brightly lit conditions.


• Quickly find and locate oil leaks in any hydraulic system.
• Eliminates technician having to used soap-and bubble leak detectors at every connection– our concentrated dye covers the entire system from the inside out.
• Proven product: OEM specified for major automotive dealer service departments for leak detection along with our coolant and refrigerant leak detector products.
• Concentrated dye: one 8 oz bottle treats 40 gallons (1 oz per 5 gallons of oil).
• Homogeneous: when mixed in oil it is non-settling and stays in suspension permanently; will not get caught in filtration. No harm to systems.
• Great “value added” and point-of-purchase product for fluid power customers. Eliminate call-backs for leaks due to improper installations, etc.
• Low cost dye refills available.